Homecoming Court 2019

Congratulations and Good Luck to each of our

Homecoming 2019 Court participants.


Lord, 2019

Israel Gray


Alton Jacoby


Ethan Smith


Samuel Ward

Lady, 2019

Abigail Jones


Rachel Wilson



Duke, 2019

Zach Magno


Duchess, 2019

Emmalie Hazen


Zoe Hein


Prince, 2019

Wyatt Henry

Tristian “Ty” Sanders

Jacob Martin

Princess, 2019

Emily Boone

Mariah Belle Gray

Skylor Hoyler

Athena Land

Emmalee Wafford


King, 2019

Jacob Blanchard

Andrew Driscoll

Ellis Jacoby

Nathan Mitchell

Michael Wilson

Queen, 2019

Olivia Freeman

Sarah Houck

Catherine Jacoby

Savanna Rockenbaugh

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