Irlen Screening

Irlen® Screening with Joanne Juren, B.A., M.Ed., Certified Irlen Screener


Joanne E. Juren is one of the few specialists to offer assessment using the Irlen Method to prescribe colored overlays for help with visual dyslexia, reading problems, school difficulties, and light sensitivity causing headaches and other physical symptoms. 

The initial assessment is made using a highly specialized system of colored overlays that are placed over pages of text.  If successful, this is usually followed by testing to determine the exact color to be worn as glasses or contact lenses.

The Irlen Method helps those with visual processing deficits affecting learning and attention, also known as Irlen Syndrome or Scotopic Sensitivity.  The problem lies in how the visual information is decoded by the brain and is not the type of problem that is identified or treated by optometrists or with prescription glasses.  People with Irlen Syndrome "see" the printed page differently from others and may even be unaware of this.  This can lead to slow and inefficient reading, poor comprehension, fatigue, and limited attention span.

Many people with Irlen Syndrome report that the text on the page appears to change and they may even experience fatigue, tiredness, headaches, sore eyes or other symptoms of strain, all of which make reading difficult.  For more information regarding the Irlen Method, go to  To see the effects of using a colored overlay or precision Irlen Spectral Filters, select a colored background to view this text.

Who Can Be Helped?


Irlen Colors




The Irlen Method corrects a unique perceptual processing problem, usually inherited, which can affect achievement, learning, and performance for both struggling and good readers.  Approximately 46% of those with reading problems, AD/HD, LD, or dyslexia can be helped as well as individuals who are seen as underachievers with behavioral, attitudinal, or motivational problems. Good readers may be mistakenly thought of as “not trying hard enough” or avoid reading.

The Irlen Method
 People with the Scotopic Sensitivity (Irlen Syndrome) benefit from using colored overlays or colored filters on glasses when reading. 
Appointments with Joanne Juren
 A full screening is $85 for the first child; $25 for additional children.  One parent screening is included for free.

The full screening take about 1 1/2 hours.  Appointments are required and are usually set up for Wednesdays or Thursdays.  Please call 281-922-0472 to set up an appointment.

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