Prom 2018

 Prom 2018 – Photo Order Form

FantaSea Prom 2018

Date:  April 19

Time:  7:30 pm – 11:00 pm;

board starting at 7:30 pm.

Ship sails at 8:00 pm; you miss it, you swim!  No refunds.

Map:  Kemah Boardwalk Property Map Prom 2018 

We leave from 22A so park in the parking garage

Where:  Kemah Boardwalk; Fantasea Ship

Ticket Sales: Closed, no tickets sold afer 4/17.

Grades:  9-12 (please no dates over 21 years old)

Coordinators:  Joanne Juren, Ruth Elrod, Diana O'Neal

Dinner Menu:

Melange of Fresh Spring Mixed Greens with your choice of Italian or Ranch dressings

Top Sirloin with a Veal Demi-glaze Sauce

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Green Beans Sauteed with Bacon and Red Onion

Creme Brule Cheesecake

Freshly Baked Dinner Rolls


Dress Code:  Formal and Modest

 Here are some ideas to consider when choosing your dress for the prom:

1.) Will my choice of attire add to or detract from my witness and testimony as a Christian?

2.) Will my choice of attire honor GOD in all respects?

3.) Will my participation in the Gala create a memory for others and myself that I am willing to live with and positively reflect upon for the rest of my life?

There can be considerable difficulty in obtaining stylish and, yet, modest attire in today’s world. This is especially true for young ladies’ formal dresses. The “fashion” styles of the world for both young men and young ladies have seriously departed from the traditional custom formal style of the past when they generally reflected Christian values. 



Prom 2018 Dress Code  (This is a printable copy of the dress code requirements.)



Formal means the wearing of a Tuxedo or suit with a dress shirt, tie, socks and dress shoes.  

Prom Dress Code Tux

Prom - mensuits 


Dress is formal –  long dresses.

Dresses should not have cutouts, see-through panels, be backless, or have a bare midriff. All dresses must not have slits higher than two inches above the top of the knee. Pass on this information to everyone you invite. Here are samples of what is NOT appropriate (the X photo) and what is appropriate. We reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone dressed inappropriately. We have turned away young ladies who were inappropriately dressed.  NO TICKET REFUND…..

Prom Dress Code_BadProm Dress Code_Good


Here are some more with appropriate backs:


prom dress back 2

prom dress back 3

Inappropriate backs:

prom dress back 4

Prom dress back 5

prom dress back 6

prom dress back 7

prom dress back 8

 We hope these guidelines help you to plan your dress appropriately for this event. Our desire is to host a fun and memorable event for all who attend.*

Purchase tickets at the front desk at HEP Bookstore or call 281-922-0472 for more information. Open to HEP students and other homeschoolers.

Come and enjoy an unforgettable evening of dining, dancing, Senior recognition, and fun!


Sponsored by Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc.




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