ACT/SAT Preparation Courses



The award winning Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc. offers ACT/SAT Test Preparation courses targeted to the home school community.   Of couse, public school and private school students are welcome to join us too. Taught by  experienced teachers with Master Degrees, these courses will help prepare students to excel on the ACT/SAT test!  


ACT/SAT Prep Courses

                                            ACT Summer Short Camps


ACT Math (Cheryl Red) – New to the ACT? Need a quick review for a high score?  Mrs. Red will review the skills needed to score well on the Math ACT Test. Strategies, tips, and a review of skills will ensure a higher score.

Dates:  June 4-8; 9-noon


ACT Science (Cheryl Red) – Mrs. Red will review the Science SAT and offer plenty of tips of how to ace this section. Over a short, two day intensive, you will learn and use science test strategies that will ensure a higher score!

Cost:  $90

Dates:  June 5-6; 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm


ACT Writing (Karen Freeman) – HEP TX recommends that you take the ACT writing test though it is an optional test because many colleges require the writing test.  Mrs. Freeman reviews the ACT writing goals and tips for success. Students will practice writing essays each day and receive a critique from Mrs. Freeman. Mrs. Freeman will also provide test taking tips to help students avoid anxiety and relieve stress during all parts of the ACT Test.

Cost:   $175

Dates: June 18-22; 10-Noon


ACT Reading/English (Karen Freeman) – Mrs. Freeman will review the skills needed to score well on the Reading and English parts of the ACT Test. The reading techniques learned in this course, if applied, may raise the overall test scores of the sub-tests.

Cost:   $175

Dates: June 11-15; 10:00 am –Noon


Semester Long Courses

SAT Writing




ACT or SAT Preparation (grades 10-12) – Leesa Wolf – “Slow and steady gets test takers ready.” Based on the detailed analysis of an individual’s diagnostic ACT or SAT test and college education plans, students begin this course by setting specific content and score goals. Throughout the semester, smart test-taking strategies and techniques are practiced. Targeted reading, English, math, and science (ACT) skills are discussed, with an emphasis on ACT or SAT specific tips. Students complete practice assignments at home per their initial goals; more sustained practice results in higher scores. If time allows, the optional essay writing test is covered. The semester concludes with a final full practice test, comparison to the initial goals, and development of an individualized future plan. No grades are given for this 14-week course because it does not fulfill any high school credits. However, completed checkpoints and milestones are listed in TeacherEase for the benefit of students and parents. Prerequisite: At least Algebra 1 complete; ability to write a 5 paragraph essay. Books: TBD pending release of latest editions. Required Work Prior to First Class: Complete one TBD released test, including the essay, under test-like conditions. Score it and bring it to the first class.

ACT Class (Fall Semester)

Time:  Mondays; 8/28-12/11/17; 10:45-12:15 pm

Cost: $395; after 7/4 $410; after 8/4 $425

SAT Class (Spring Semester)

Time:  Mondays; 1/8-4/23/18; 10:45-12:15 pm

Cost:  $395; after 7/4 $410; after 8/4 $425





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