Space for Lease

Do you need a place to host your co-op meeting?  Bible Study? or other event?

We are consolidating several of our classrooms to make better use of our space. This past year, we had several classrooms that were not being used but once or twice a week. Thus, we are working to make better use of our space to save money.

We have been renting space at HEP for several years. Music teachers, film makers, co-ops, etc. are a few of the groups who rent out spaces.  Please help us advertise these uses, but also help us advertise this bigger area that we are not using.

We have one whole section of our building, classrooms 12 and 13 that are for rent.  This space is part of our building at this time, but we are willing to close up the wall so that a business can have a private space.

The area has a private restroom, a mop sink, a separate AC unit, and a private entrance.

The back room has carpet and would be a good office space. The front 1/2 has tile flooring, the restroom, and the mop sink.

The rent is $1100 per month with the electrical cost to be determined. The tenant will have to be approved by the LAM Fuqua Business Park owner. The space will be leased from HEP Bookstore, L.L.C. 

If interested, please contact:

Joanne Juren at 281-922-0472;



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