Summer Camps 2021


Summer Camp Schedule 2021

HEP TX Summer Schedule 2021 with STEAM 5-6 

updated 5/6/21 – See Be Verb Camp (2 hours); 8/19 workshop cancelled due to schedule conflict.

Learn to Learn – June session full; new August session set up.

HEP TX Steam Registration Form 2021

HEP TX Camp Registration Form 2021

*Please go to the registration tab on the website and fill out a medical release and a liability waiver as well. We need new ones every year*


STEAM CAMPS (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math)

SUMMER 2021 

Faculty:  Chery Red (Science), Sue Rothberg (Science, Math), Melissa Juren (Engineering, Technology) and Debby Jasinski (Art)

Students will rotate through four age appropriate sessions each day. With a variety of fun and engaging activities, students will explore science, technology, engineering, art, and math. From cool science experiments to building robotic insects and prosthesis models, students will love the science, engineering, and technology sessions. During the art sessions, students will explore related concepts of light, color, force and motion, biology, and water and air through a variety of fun and challenging art projects. Students will be challenged by Super Math’s crazy math rules while meeting a NASA engineer who will share some really cool math applications used by NASA.

WHY STEAM CAMP? Students from grades 2 to 12 will find these camps exciting and stimulating! Enrichment experiences in the STEAM fields will ignite the kind of curiosity that often leads to a fulfilling and meaningful work life. A two year study of nearly 1600 middle school students across the country revealed that “students who once participated in science summer camps were more likely to later report a career interest in the science and engineering fields.” It’s clear that enrolling your child in a STEAM focused camp is an ideal way to provide them more options as they start considering their paths through high school, college, and beyond.

Session 1 – It’s Electrified!

Dates: June 7 – 10

Time:  9:00 am – 12:30 pm

This session will focus on light, color, and electricity.

Isaac Newton | word8life

Session 2 – Newton's Antics 

Dates: June  14-17

Time:  9:00 am – 12:30 pm

This session will focus on force and motion.

Image result for ITS ALIVE

Session 3 – It's Alive! – The Mad Scientist Explores Biology 

Dates: June 21 – 24

Time: 9:00 am – 12:30 pm

This session will focus on Anatomy and related biology activities and experiments.

Cloudy with a Chance of Science | Amaze Your Brain at Home ...

Session 4 – Cloudy with a Chance of Science 

Dates:  June 28 – July 1

Time:  9:00 am – 12:30 pm

This session will focus on water, air, and weather.


Cost:  $199 each camp (all supplies are included)

Discounts: 10% sibling discount or 10% for 2 or more camps




College Preparation

Getting Ready for High School and College Seminar (Joanne Juren) – If you have a student in 7th grade or above, then this class is for you.  During this informative seminar, Joanne Juren will discuss many topics pertinent to students just entering high school.  Topics include goal setting, course guidelines from 7th – 12th grade, the 4-year plan, high school transcript, extracurricular courses and activities, job co-ops, testing for high school and college, scholarships, and many more!  Each parent will create a 4-year plan for his or her student(s).  There will be plenty of time for questions and answers!  With one paid adult, the student may attend free of charge.  Reservations required.  The Getting Ready for High School and College book and CD are available at the HEP Bookstore.

Cost:   $45                                                                               

Date: August 18; 9:00 – 1:00 pm

Language Arts

Middle School Writing Workshop for Grades 6-8 (Joanne Juren) – Popcorn, a movie, and lots of laughs…this is the perfect camp for your middle school student. During middle school, it is important for students to develop strong writing skills.  By understanding the writing process, students will better understand how to do writing assignments.  During this four-day exciting and fun workshop, students will focus on the paragraph format and write different types of paragraphs including descriptive, narrative, comparison, and literary analysis. Using high interest activities and literature, Mrs. Juren will excite even the most reluctant writer. This course is a must before students attempt the five-paragraph essay and high school.  Class is limited to 15 students.

Cost:  $175

Dates: August 9-12; 10:00 – noon


Five-Paragraph Essay Writing Workshop (Joanne Juren) 

Don’t let the beast scare you!  This four-day workshop for grades 8-12 will teach the basics of five-paragraph essay writing and help you tame the beast!  Students will learn the basic structure of the essay through a visual drawing.  They will practice each part of the essay and write one essay.  Students will learn how to expand this “skeleton” to a longer research paper.  This easy and interesting presentation will help even the “grumpiest” writer learn that writing can be easily mastered when given the proper tools!  Mastery of the five-paragraph essay will help students earn success in both high school and college.  Absolutely no one younger than 8th grade may attend this accelerated presentation.  This course is not recommended for students who struggle with English or who do not have mastery of basic paragraph writing.  The book Writing with the Masters is required for the workshop and may be purchased at the HEP Bookstore. Class is limited to 15 students.  New students planning to attend HEP’s high school classes are encouraged to take this course.

Cost: $160

Dates: August 2-5; 10:00 – 11:30

Research Writing

Research Writing Class (Joanne Juren) – Research papers can be daunting unless you know where to begin.  In this class, the approach is broken down into simple, easy-to-follow steps that remove the stress that comes with large writing projects.  Students should understand the MLA format and five-paragraph essays. The book Writing with the Masters is required. Recommended for grades 9 and up.

Cost:   $175

Dates: August 2-5; 10:00 – Noon (Meets with the 5-paragraph writing class and has an extra 30 minutes per day that focuses on research paper techniques)

No Be Verbs Workshop (Joanne Juren) – This 2-hour workshop will help both the student and parent better understand the concept of elevated writing by focusing on removing “to be” verbs, the verb “to have,” and “dead words” on the No-No list. Students and parents will practice elevating sentences during the workshop.                                                                                                                              

Cost:  $25 student; $10 parent     

Dates: June 10; or August 6; 10-noon   

Reading Camp   

Reading Camp – Covering Kindergarten and 1st Grade Skills (Mandy McDonald)
Join us for four fun-filled days of reading! Students will engage in multisensory literacy activities reinforcing phonological awareness (hearing the sounds in words – where reading REALLY begins!), phonics, word work, sentence building and story reading. These summer sessions act as a refresher to reinforce what students learned in the ’20-‘21, school year.

Cost: $125
Dates: Session 1 – (Kindergarten skills), June 21-24; 10:00 – noon

              Session 2 – (1st Grade skills), June 28-July 1; 10:00 – noon



High School Speech (Joanne Juren) – This two week high school course (grades 9-12) is dedicated to teaching public speaking skills. Taught by an experienced speech and debate coach, this class will prepare even the shy student to be able to speak in public situations.  Students will present a variety of impromptu as well as prepared speeches.  Students will also learn how to constructively critique other students and how to accept constructive critique.  Speech counts as ½-credit on the high school transcript. Textbook:  BJU’s Sound Speech (newest edition) – available at the HEP Bookstore. Class is limited to 10 students. An honors contract is available for interested students. The contract must be finished and turned in by August 2, 2020.

Cost: $399          

Dates: June 14-24; (Monday-Thursday of each week); 1-4 pm


Study Skills

How to Study Smarter Not Harder

How to Study Smarter, Not Harder! (Joanne Juren) – Feeling disorganized? Don’t quite know how to tackle that load of homework?  Want to learn how to study smarter, not harder?  If so, this workshop is for you!  Mrs. Juren will focus on 3 ideas that, if implemented, will turn you into a superstar student! This class is recommended for everyone who wants to move from mediocrity to excellence!  Bring paper and a pen. Parents must pay the same fee as students attending this course.  Reservations required.  The How to Study Smarter, Not Harder! Book is available at HEP Bookstore. The book includes tips for Making an A in an Honors Course.  This course is designed for 7-12th graders.

Cost:  $35 (student); Parent $20

Dates: Friday, August 13; 9:30 – 12:30 pm


Learn How to Learn – (Joanne Juren) –Helping students develop Executive Function (EF) strategies – goal setting, cognitive flexibility, organizing and prioritizing, memorizing, self-checking and monitoring – can be the difference between success and failure. Targeting students in grades 7-10, this 4-day workshop covers motivation, memorization techniques, test-taking strategies, note taking, time management, goal setting, focusing, and controlling stress. Using a variety of interesting lessons, students will better understand how to tackle projects and learn how to learn! This course is highly recommended for students who want to excel academically and be better prepared to solve problems.

Cost: $175

Dates: June 21-24 (Monday-Thursday) 10:00 – Noon:  FULL/SOLD OUT 

               August 2-5 (Monday-Thursday) 1:00 – 3:00 pm

What is the difference between these two courses? One is a short 3-hour workshop that focuses on three major ideas and the second course is an 8-hour workshop that covers more material with discussion and hands on activities within the group.







Visit for more information about our mission, our statement of faith, and other general information. We reserve the right to cancel courses without a 5 student minimum.


The official HEP of Texas, Inc. registration form must be filled out completely, including the emergency information, health information, and parent release. No registration is considered official until payment for classes has been made.  All summer courses must be paid for at the time of registration.

Registration is first come, first served.  HEP of Texas, Inc. reserves the right to limit enrollment and to change times or dates and teachers if needed, or even cancel camps, classes, and/or workshops due to circumstances not under our control. Camps are open to home school, public school, and private school students.

Camps are grouped by subject.  The instructors, dates, times, costs, pre-requisites, supplies, and descriptions are listed for each camp, class, and workshop.  All course descriptions listed are the intellectual property of HEP of Texas, Inc. and are protected by copyright law, 1997-2021.  These courses are copyrighted and all intellectual properties related to these courses belong to Home Education Partnership of Texas, Inc.




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