IOWA Testing

IOWA Testing at HEP 2021            

IOWA Test Registration Form 2021

May 10 & 11, 2021

Grades 1-12; 9:30-12:30 approx.*

*The exact times will be determined later when we publish the grade level schedule of specific tests. The tests have changed. Maps and Information Processing have been dropped so we can do the testing in two days instead of three.

We do not offer Kindergarten testing since it is not necessary to test this young.

Please note: There is not room for parents and siblings to remain at HEP during testing. We encourage you to go to the park or some other place where your young children can have fun while your other children are testing.

Also, parents must park in marked parking places and not block the parking lot exits. We share the Fuqua Business Park with many other businesses and need to be good citizens when parking. Please help us with this important safety issue.

How do I register with HEP? 

Complete the HEP test registration form for each child. Mail, fax (281-922-0504), or drop the registration form by HEP Bookstore at 11665 Fuqua Street, Suite A-100, Houston, TX 77034 by March 30, 2021.

Test Fee – Payable to HEP Bookstore

$30 + 2.48 tax = $32.48

HEP Bookstore accepts cash, check or major credit cards. No refunds will be given for the $32.48 registration fee unless the student withdraws by April 15, 2021. BJU will refund the money on un-used tests. This will be done by BJU, not HEP.

Order the test from BJU

  • What Test do I order? Iowa Test Form E (DO NOT ORDER THE CogAT)

  • What Level do I order?

    • Grade 1 – level 7; Grade 2 – Level 8; Grade 3 – Level 9; Grade 4 – Level 10; Grade 5 – Level 11; Grade 6 – Level 12; Grade 7 – Level 13; Grade 8 – Level 14; Grade 9 – Level 15; Grade 10 – Level 16; Grade 11 – Level 17/18; Grade 12 – Level 17/18.

  • Current cost:  Iowa tests:1st & 2nd grades $35.00; 3rd grade & up $25.00. Please understand that HEP is NOT responsible if there is a price increase in the cost of the tests. I checked these prices on 3/4/21.

  •  Contact BJU and order your test:

Order your tests from BJU by April 1 for the May testing to avoid an expediting charge!

Phone: 1.800.845.5731 or 1.864.242.5100 ext. 3300
Fax: 1.866.477.TEST (8378) or 1.864.770.1326


Customer Services
1700 Wade Hampton Blvd.
Greenville, SC 29614-0062

  • Tell them you want to order a test (IOWA) to be administered by Joanne Juren (tester number 985441). *

  • Use a credit card to pay for your test. *

  • Be sure to give BJU our address. The test should be mailed directly to:
    Joanne E. Juren C/O – HEP TX, Inc.
    11665 Fuqua, STE A-100
    Houston, TX. 77034

Will modifications be made for special needs students?

  • We will not make any modifications since BJU requires that each special-needs child be tested in an individual environment. 

How will I get my results?

  • Results will be posted electronically to the parent's BJU Press account.

  • Results normally take about two weeks for processing. Go to and login to your account using your login and password. An account would have been set up for you when you purchased the test. We will make every effort to ship the tests back to BJU for scoring as soon as the testing is complete.

  • BJU will not accept partial orders so if a child is absent due to illness and wishes to make up the test on a later date, the testing cannot be returned until the make-up session is complete. We do make every effort to encourage parents to complete make-ups as soon as possible.

Who will administer the tests?

This year, we will use qualified/certified testers. These ladies are all HEP Teachers or parents and are wonderful with children. Each is experienced and will ensure that your child has the best possible conditions for testing.

The tentative testers include: Joanne Juren, Cheryl Red, Laura Coker-Garcia, Leigh Ann Whitman, Mandy McDonald, and several others yet to be identified.





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